Always on the safe side

Whatever the problem, whether contamination in the tower silo storage facilities, production optimisations and disposals, or if a silo vehicle has been involved in an accident – we won’t let you down.

We can offer you swift, flexible assistance to help solve your problem with our powerful, efficient suction silo vehicles.

Within Europe, our vehicles can handle all types of bulk and granulated goods of all product classifications, whether from storage and production silos, silo vehicles, big bags, octabins or simply loose, straight from the floor. We also provide you with solutions for the further handling of the product, whether loose or packed storage, or you may want to temporarily store the material you have suctioned in BIG BAGS or octabins.

We will find the ideal solution.

Range of services

  • Qualified, reliable personnel
  • Instructed and trained in accordance with BBS (Behaviour Based Safety) standards
  • Personal protective equipment on board, including equipment against falls
  • 60 m³ m aluminium tipper silo semitrailers
  • Equipment and safety standards in accordance with the requirements of the chemicals and petrochemicals industry and in accordance with ECTA standards
  • Oil-free air compressors with noise insulation and cooling
  • Interior tank cleaning in accordance with CEFIC SQAS standards
  • Minimum 24-tonne payload
  • Suction and pressure equipment, output -0.5 bar (suction) to +2.0 bar (pressure)
  • GGSV/ADR equipment
  • Certification standards in accordance with SQAS, DIN ISO 9001:2015 and GMP+

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