Creating measurable added value

At your request we will be happy to take on further tasks relating to storage and transportation logistics that tie up value remote resources. Instead, you can benefit from our value-added services to increase added value, thereby creating a genuine competitive advantage.

We can pack or repack your goods or collate new deliveries. We can also silo your loose goods in big bags or octabins. We can deliver your semi-finished goods to your plant just-in-sequence, or directly to your customers as finished products – punctually. We can keep an inventory of your goods, perform quality controls and pick orders for you.

Range of services

  • Storage and retrieval, including incoming goods inspection
  • Stock picking
  • Crane handling in warehouse with capacity up to 8 tonnes
  • Siloing of loose goods in silo vehicles
  • Refilling or packing of your loose goods in big bags, octabins, etc.
  • Production supply using Kanban principle
  • Delivery using just-in-time or just-in-sequence models
  • Organisation and management of consignment stores
  • Inventories and customs clearance
  • Stock management using state-of-the-art IT system
  • IT order interfaces
  • Certification standards in accordance with SQAS, DIN ISO 9001:2008 and GMP+




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