Customised logistics, designed to match your requirements

With contract logistics we can give you the opportunity to better concentrate on your core competencies and thereby improve your own competitive position.

We can act as system service providers, strategically and operationally integrated as a key link in your supply chain.

As part of a long-term project you have access to our existing basic services in the fields of transport logistics and warehousing, complemented by value-added services.

Based on a comprehensive analysis and consultation, we can design a total concept to ensure that your advantages quickly pay off. You can organise all of your in-house logistics tasks more flexibly, and convert fixed costs such as those for warehousing and personnel into variables. You can be connected to the best IT systems and profit from the knowledge transfer and the security of working with a reliable, creative partner.


  • Optimise your logistics costs
  • Sophisticated logistics concepts
  • Frees up your own resources
  • Comprehensive range of services
  • First-class knowledge of the sector

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