Safety and Logistics

Our customers in the petrochemical industry are confronted with strict safety regulations. These we have adopted and most certainly others industries find those benefical to reduce safety risks. Road Safety is an important factor for all road users. You will be appeased by a company like BUSSMANN on the road compared to an exhausted driver on a badly maintained low cost truck. We know that we cannot eliminate all risks at all times, but behaviour related training and education together with tested equipment can significantly reduce incidents. Last but not least we have put a heavy weight on the driver himself: By helping to improve his risk avoidance behaviour on the drivers seat we achieve the most. For that reason we use BBS (Behaviour Based Safety) as a continuous process in our company.
Safety Factors

  • Healthy Employees, medical checks for fitness to drive
  • Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Assessment and Training to CEFIC standards
  • Member of ECTA Responsible Care to foster sustainable development
  • Attention to Health and Safety Regulations
  • Own, regularly checked Trucks and Equipment
  • Special Care for Regulations of your Industry (e.g. CEFIQ SQAS)
  • Target-Oriented Training and Check-ups
  • Education routines for new employees
  • First Class Equipment, well maintained and checked to German Standards
  • Safety Package for all Trucks (AirCondition, Airbags, ABS, ESP, ASR, etc.)
  • Implementation of Driver Assistance Systems (Intervall-Radar)



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