Our most valuable asset

Our employees are our most valuable asset and the health and safety of those who work for us is a matter we take very seriously. 

For this reason we see the prevention of accidents as one of our responsibilities.

With selective training and regular seminars we ensure that our employees are prepared as thoroughly as possible to tackle possible dangers and that they react appropriately in any situations that may occur.

We also have strict safety precautions and protective measures in place to ensure that potentially dangerous situations do not arise in the first place.

In this endeavour we follow not only the recommendations of CEFIC, ECTA and independent experts, but are also proud of our ability to permanently improve the safety of our drivers with new innovations. The personal protection equipment and safety mechanisms on board the vehicle are only one aspect of our protective measures.

However, our responsibility regarding health and safety is not only limited to providing technically state-of-the-art equipment. Industrial health checks are designed to ensure that our employees work under the best possible conditions – whether in the office, in the driver’s seat, or outdoors. Precautions, prevention and regularly checks of these measures keep our employees fit for the demanding tasks that they perform daily for us and for our customers.

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