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Passionate about Logistics

Efficient and effective logistics, as intelligent as possible, is a strategic excellence position for your business. It's not a nice-to-have any more. If your company is looking for competitive advantages, you could either build it up yourself. That takes time and ressources. So it makes much sense to add the right partner.

Whether as a traditional international carrier or as a logistics provider, we bring you the know-how and performance your business needs to speed up.  At Bussmann we want to help you to reduce time, process complexity and by that your costs.

Logistic excellence is a stand out factor in the market - you deliver on time wherever your customers need you. This requires a transparent cost situation and understandable structures. At Bussmann, you can discuss that and change it to your needs.

If you are looking for a reliable partner that:

  • Supports your growth at all times and invests in your competitive advantage
  • Secures your supply chain, offers you service and delivers your quality standards required
  • Has a large fleet of vehicles available and controls its cost
  • Brings reliability and stability to your supply
  • Is neither a dependent subcontractor nor a rigid logistics giant
  • Gives you the commitment, flexibility and stability of a family business

then you need to look no further. It is time to meet!



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