Our Partnership Principle

Whether it's our employees, suppliers or customers, for us any relationship is based on mutual respect and care. We have a long-term approach. Old fashioned? Why partnerships and not constantly renewed functional networks? Today a supplier, tomorrow another? Because it has been shown that companies are only willing to invest time, money and, above all, ideas in relationships that are valuable in the long-term. We want to build long-term relationships.

We call that our "Partnership Principle". With partnership, we want to express our long-term orientation as well as the mutual interest in developing the relationship. That way we can grow, learn and invest together.

170 employees belong to the family business. Some employees have been with us for over 25 years. The aim is to create a performance oriented management structure. Thus, with further growth we can ensure that large and medium-sized companies are served optimally. Our interest lies in expanding versatile partnerships - that can create even more interesting ideas.

Through new skills, continuing education and training of our employees, we want to make the company stronger. That way we can address increasingly demanding partnerships.

The mission: Our customers are our partners, whose expectations we want to meet. Only in the benefit for the customer we measure our success in the relationship.

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