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The family company Bussmann is over 100 years old. That does not sound exactly like "start-up", but see the development our company has made and where we have gained our experience.

1898 - Reinforcerment in the Netherlands
Since our establishment in 1898, the family name BUSSMANN stands for a wide variety of people and stories. It was a small family business for the first 50 years and is tied to the history of the family itself. Bernhard Bussmann began the business in the trade and storage of products. In the southern Black Forest, he bought wooden planks and traded them. The planks were needed in the Netherlands to reinforce the watery soil and build the polders and dikes that created new livings soi. The oak and beech trunks came to Vreden by steam railway, were transferred onto horse-drawn carts and then further processed in then barn. Later they reached by train their destinations in Rotterdam and other towns from our neighbouring country. If you will you can say that Bernhard Bussmann had already organized transports intermodal in those days.

1932 - A Deutz from Berlin

In 1922 the first major investment was undertaken, a Lanz-Bulldog tractor should make the work easier. The horse carts were kept for trips on the soft forest floor. They stayed in use until 1955. In 1932 a Deutz-Tractor with 55HP was purchased on a fair in Berlin for 7.000 reichsmarks, a currency that lost its value only months later to almost zero. After the ecnomic crisis was survived, a second tractor with 35PS was added. Cement, bricks, wood and coal were transported from the Ruhr area. At the time a one day journey, that now takes 2 hours. The textile industry from Vreden and its surroundings was also a good client. In the turmoil of the Nazi dictatorship the company had to make a "contribution" and was almost dissolved: For the war against the Netherlands, the company's vehicles were confiscated together with our first employee, the dutch man Holkers. Fortunately both employee and vehicles came back to us.

After 1945 Gerhard Bussmann together with Arnhold "Nols" Bussmann led the business again. In 1948 it was invested in a Hanomag tractor. The transported goods were again coal, cement, bricks, gravel and cotton, many still packed in bags. The sons Bernhard, Werner and Hermann were already helping too. Werner, still without a driver's license, had to put up with the horse-drawn vehicles. At that time, the brothers put together the money for the first coach. Werner leads today "Weltenbummler Reisen". As the oldest brother, Bernhard took over the family farm.
1958 - Beginnings at Wendfelder Damm

Hermann Bussmann took over the business in 1958. As a carpenter he inherited a small meadow on Wenfelder Damm 22, on which he built a workshop as the cornerstone of a business that finally turned out to be a corporation. 

He was specialized in the transport of gravel. All contractors of the Ahaus, Steinfurt and Coesfeld circle were supplied accordingly with 8 "Kiesbombern" with cement and gravel from Wesel. Looking at the working conditions of the time, it was no easy job. Gradually more people started working for the company (e.g. Gebing Hubert, Herbert Scheithauer). A crane became part of equipment and was used excavations.
The proximity to the construction industry led in 1966 to the establishment of the "Building Material Center Bussmann", that we successfully led until the end of the building boom. It is no longer continued in our new premises. Then the containers service was added to the company, the approach was to rather continue trading building material, instead benefit from the service industries that were required around them. 

As one of the first companies in the industry, we began working as a dry bulk transport company in 1974. Until then many goods were still been packaged in bags, a little more hygienic and economical way of transportation. Dust and granular products (from products for the chemical industry to food products such as cocoa). Both the demand for this kind of transport and the company grew significantly, reaching a turnover of more than 10 million marks. From then on our vehicles were to be found across Europe, whether in France or in southern Italy. In 1976 an office was opened in Paderborn.
We are well known for this type of transport, which is still planned by Günter Scholz, who experienced the beginnings of this division already as a young employee. In 1989 we used our opportunity in the "Neue Bundesländer", the former East Germany. In Zossen-Dabendorf (near Potsdam) we established a sbusidiary to deliver international long-distance transportation. The first refrigerated trucks were introduced in the mid 90s. With them fresh quality food is delivered to the consumers.
1998 - 100 Years of the company Bussmann 
In 1997, after years asking for translocation, the town of Vreden made the land available in the industrial area in Gaxel. In 1998, after only one year, the company offices (20000 sqm) were build on Max-Planck-Str.24 and the disposal services organized from there. Our administration took place in a comfortable two-storey building from which we coordinate our activities. Hermann Bussmann offers at the moment more than 60 000 sqm of warehouse, industrial and commercial sites in Westmünsterland, that we supervise and manage for our customers. The international shipments were after the end of the long-distance transportation license now more and more as carrier conducted.

2004 - A new generation takes over the helm.

In 2004 a new change of generations took place. Jens led as manager and transformed the company consistently and purposefully. The cost structure as a subcontractor was an optimum condition for this change of position and made the company certified in accordance to DIN ISO 9001:2000 and CEFIC SQAS. Henceforth Jens Bussmann focused on building a professional management structure.
In the following years with the logistic services a new business was opened, that supports the value added of our customers in many places and will improve the supply chain. To accompany the development visually, Herman Bussmann Gmbh started in 2008 a change of image. The new logo is the obvious sign of the renewal. It shows dynamism, stability and self-confidence and evolves the uniqueness of the existing logos. The colours of the vehicles were changed in the late 90s from green/red/silver to the new blue/red/silver. Red symbolizes fire, dynamism, vitality. Blue stands for stability, calmness, strength and organisation. Silver is the precious metal, that tells our drivers: Our cargo is valuable and we transport valuables in valuable machines.
Important tasks for the present and the future are the continuity of our development and the development of our capacity. We hope that the character of family businesses in Europe stands for outstanding performance and personal commitment, that we are happy to show you, and that is complemented by appropriate management skills.

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