Drive and Performance

For more than 100 years we move values. All this time we have created a constant message:

We are a geared to performance, a highly flexible Quality-Service Provider, that offers tailor made logistics with a lean cost structure. Our Reliability is compelling. As a matter of course, our quality derives from high standards: We are fully certified by the DIN ISO 9001:2015, GMP+ and the CEFIQ SQAS Road standards. We appreciate sustainable developments in logistics and have committed ourselves to the guiding principles of ECTA Responsible Care. 

We are the partner that

  • Supports your growth at all times and invests in your competitive advantage
  • Secures your supply chain, offers you service and delivers your quality standards required
  • Has a large fleet of vehicles available and controls its cost
  • Brings reliability and stability to your supply
  • Is neither a dependent subcontractor nor a rigid logistics giant
  • Gives you the commitment, flexibility and stability of a family business

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Out partnership principle

  • Only in the benefit for the customer we measure our success
  • Or us any relationship is based on mutual respect and care
  • We want to build long-term relationships
  • Our mission: Our customers are our partners, whose expectations we want to meet

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Keeping promises creates confidence

  • more than 100 years market experience
  • 1898 - establishment of the family business
  • 1922 - first investment in a motorised future
  • 1958 - Hermann Bußmann takes over 
  • 1966 - foundation of the "Building Material Center Bussmann"
  • 1974 - expansion towards bulk transportation
  • 1976 - office opening in Paderborn
  • 1998 - establishment of a subsidiary in Zossen-Dabendorf (east Germany)
  • 1998 - relocation of the Headquarter to a property in the industrial zone of Vreden
  • 2008 - a new generation takes over

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Hermann Bussmann GmbH
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