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Professional Education opens perspectives

For many years we have been educating young people in the profession of logistics. As one of the key growth drivers in the last decades logistics opens enduring perspectives on the job market. There is steady change and therefore always opportunities for personal development. If you are an outgoing character, curious and have the basics from your school days at hand, then there are plenty of opportunities. Logistics in an export country such as Germany is naturally international, you need to have a foreign language such as english available. Well, if you can read this article, you are pretty much there anyway!

We are an officially accredited educator by the Industrial Chamber of Commerce and can guarantee, that our students really gonna be understanding what their job is all about. What you learn theoretically in the vocational school you will be be adopting in reality immediately. We are proud that some of our scholars were top of the class and positioned themselves with distance before others, that enjoyed the same education elsewhere. The field of logistics is more and more interesting for young people, as information technology, english language skills and international orientation has become a requirement for this profession.

We are currently educating in the following areas:

  • Businessman/-woman in Transport Logistics and Logistic Services
  • Professional Drivers (m/f)

If you are interested in one of the above fields, then go ahead and write your application and include Motivational Letter, Curriculum Vitae and a Photography. Please Send either an electronic application (best as PDF document) to or on paper to the following address
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